What is your background?

Rick Griffin Marketing Communications opened in 1988. Previously, Griffin worked for metropolitan dailies and community newspapers as a reporter, AP wire service reporter, local radio broadcaster, television news writer and magazine editor. He then began working for large advertising and PR agencies in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. 

How is your organization changing? Please tell us about the last five years.

Our extensive research capabilities have improved on behalf of our clients due to the changing technological advances. We can gather background information, competitor intelligence and industry reports quicker and faster than ever before.

Why should we work with your firm/agency instead of another?

    1.First and foremost, we are communications experts with the capability to provide ongoing counsel, targeted publicity, sales/marketing support materials, seminars, media training, graphic design, audio/visual production, etc.

    2.Our goal is to help our client grow faster and more profitably than their competitors. As our clients grow, we grow.

    3.We do not randomly seek our new business but rather endeavor to establish relationship with quality organizations that recognize the mutual benefit derived from a long-term agency-client partnership.

    4.We're optimally sized (not too small/not too large) and your company will be an important client receiving the direct attention of our agency's senior executives. The campaigns we create and implement are based on approaches that are fresh and innovative, yet practical and cost-efficient.

    5.We have considerable experience in the execution of multi-faceted communication programs that meet exacting needs of major corporations.

How to you prefer to work with your clients on a daily basis?

Think of us as an extension of your own marketing team. We'll be readily available for marketing planning, idea exchanges and creative discussions of marketing problems and how to solve them -- or avoid them before they arise.  We welcome total involvement in your marketing program and will maintain an ongoing liaison with your staff. To further this close cooperation, we encourage regularly scheduled client meetings.  While specific individuals in our agency will concentrate on your project, all of our people will contribute their skills to the success of your marketing campaign. This way, you get the benefit of our full facilities and we all can keep pace with changing marketing conditions and needs. 

Most good agencies can create communications that sell a client's product -- occasionally. Our greatest strength is our ability to do so consistently. We achieve this consistency by: staffing the best senior people available, people with excellent track records; organized to maximize their effectiveness; really understanding the consumer; using research to gain insight and to formulate the best possible strategy; involve senior management on a day-to-day basis; we encourage our people to go beyond the obvious solution and explore new ideas; and we work as partners with our clients.

What is your process for tackling a new project? Please describe your process from concept to completion.

As a prerequisite to the development of our initial strategic approach to your company's communication program, we conduct research and general backgrounds. We look forward to meeting with senior company officials, as well as customers, to define their service needs and opinions.

Our philosophy is based on the premise that every marketing situations is a matter of problem and solution. We begin by thoroughly understanding the situation and campaign objectives through the team approach. Working as a team in conjunction with our clients' staff, we're able to respond quickly to rapidly changing needs. At the same time, our independent status provides our clients with the very important element of outside objectivity.

What challenges are your most exciting? Which are the most frightening?

One of our challenges that we enjoy is to test "old ways of thinking." Our job is not to merely respond to situations, but rather uncover opportunities with imaginative thinking and well-planned execution. And our firm's growth can be attributed to making clients successful with cost-effective, results-oriented public relations and marketing communications services. 

Most frightening to us is when we're missing solid day-to-day communications with our clients and involvement at all levels. We prefer involvement, strong client communication and an opportunity to display our experience, dedication and enthusiasm.

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